Shredding technology

Shredding technology is our most important environmental technology market. We supply assembly-ready components for shredding machines and screening technologies for the recycling industry (waste and forestry) such as bearing housings, drive shields and shaft studs. In addition, we supply wear parts for the preparation and shredding of wood and plastics, e.g. baffle plates, grinding elements, dispensing and distribution bushings, hammers and ripper teeth. Thanks to quantity contracts in this area, we are able to deliver to individual customers in various locations at high speed.

Materials: steel – forged and cast, ductile iron and ADI.

Process:turned, welded
Weight:35 kg

bearing housing
Description:bearing housing
Process:sand casting (automatic moulding line + machining)
Weight:60 kg

Product examples

  • Teeth
  • Hammers
  • Comb elements
  • Screener inserts
  • Wear tips
  • Cladding tiles
  • Milling elements
  • Milling beams