Gear manufacture

In gear manufacture, our expertise runs from small forged gears through medium steel and ductile iron gears and hollow shafts to large ductile iron gearbox housings up to 70 t. These are machined and preassembled on request. Our customers represent the following sectors: utility vehicles, industrial trucks, crane construction, shipbuilding, mining, railways, the sugar and food industry.

Materials: Heat treated and case-hardened steel – forged or cast, ductile iron and ADI.

front housing
Description:front housing
Process:sand casting (automatic moulding line)
Weight:80 kg

bearing housing
Description:bearing housing
Process:sand casting (hand-moulded casting)
Weight:260 kg

gear housing, assembled
Description:gear housing, assembled
Process:sand casting (hand-moulded casting)
Weight:120 kg (incl. gear cover)

gear rough part
Description:gear rough part
Weight:6 kg