Materials and manufacturing processes


Grey cast iron0,01 kg to 70.000 kg
Malleable iron0,01 kg to 1,5 kg
Ductile iron0,5 kg to 70.000 kg
Cast steel0,01 kg to 7.000 kg
Cast stainless steel0,01 kg to 5.000 kg
Duplex0,01 kg to 5.000 kg
Superduplex0,01 kg to 5.000 kg
Nickel-based alloys0,01 kg to 5.000 kg

Manufacturing processes

Drop forging in presses1.500 t to 6.300 t
Drop-forged parts0,5 kg to 70 kg
Sand casting0,5 kg to 70.000 kg
Investment casting0,01 kg to 30 kg
Shell mould casting0,5 kg to 200 kg
Centrifugal castinghorizontal and vertical
Heat treatmentnormalising, tempering, solution heat treatment, case hardening etc.
MachiningThe most modern lathes and CNC machining centres
PaintingWet painting, powder coating
Assemblypre-assembly and pre-finished components